1912 - The Greek side of Thessaloniki

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Presentation of the modular exhibition with the title: '1912 - The Greek side of Thessaloniki', by George Konstantinidis and Konstantinos Gioulekas.

The exhibition featured a series of historical documents and heterogeneous objects, which stem from two rich and invaluable compilations of Thessaloniki's collectors, Konstantinos Gioulekas and George Konstantinidis. It was articulated in five exhibition sections: a) ordinances and the function of the greek community, b) culture and social life, c) trade and entrepreneurship, d) archaeology in the struggle to promote Thessaloniki's Hellenism, e) Macedonian struggle and liberation. 

These sections were accommodated in respectful symbolic spaces in the city: the convention center Piraeus Bank, the Royal Theatre (Theatre of Northern Greece), the Commerce and Industry Chamber, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the War Museum of Thessaloniki. 



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