Scientific / Educational Videos

Scientific / Educational Videos

At ΟΝΤΙΜΕ Productions we create educational audiovisual productions, such as the recording and processing of a conference, generation of scientific videos of medical examinations or surgical operations, interviews and presentations of scientific experts, open academic courses (opencourses), distance learning courses (e-learning) and online seminars (webinars).

More specifically, in the case of scientific conferences or meetings, our company undertakes the video recording and digital processing of the respective presentations, in order to create an original website with all lectures from all the speakers, with their digital presentations playing simultaneously. In this way, the interested parties can remotely attend the conference online, from any place, at any given time, using their computer, tablet or mobile phone device.

The customized video productions we create can help present and disseminate research and scientific results to the academic community and the general public, as well as promote significant scientists and their work.

Our company occupies experienced specialists and features state-of-the-art systems for the capturing and processing of image and sound. It also has a drone operator license and undertakes aerial video and image recordings, legally and safely.



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