Aerial Video Recordings

ONTIME Productions provides services of aerial video recording and photography, with professional drones with a 4K Ultra-HD digital camera, which are certified and registered at the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, making the best out of the technology and innovative applications Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) offer. As of July 2017, it has acquired the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator Certification required according to legislation, after being certified by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, and can, as a result, carry out aerial takes legally and safely.

ONTIME Productions can showcase and promote a series of public and private interest fields in a complete audiovisual production, through the service of aerial video recording and photography it provides.
Aerial Video Recordings

Promotion of Cultural and Tourism Products

Aerial drone takes of natural beauties of the country, traditional settlements, archaeological sites, ecology parks, landmarks and tourist facilities can help us promote our culture, by giving prominence to our cultural heritage, as well as tourism development, by showcasing our country’s tourist destinations.

Aerial Video Recordings

Business and Hotel Facilities Presentation

Aiming at featuring the corporate identity of private and public businesses and hotel establishments, we can capture aerial shots of their facilities, their products and their equipment with drones, and create a digital production for their promotion on television and on the internet.

Aerial Video Recordings

Promotion of Sports and Other Events

Aerial video recording and photography with drones allows us to capture impressive shots, promote and showcase unique moments of sports events, winter or sea sports, artistic and social events, concerts, trade fairs, fashion shows, scientific conferences.

Aerial Video Recordings

Presentation of Private and Public Technical Works

We can capture impressive aerial shots of private and public technical works, such as infrastructure projects, buildings, sports arenas, bridges, motorways, flyovers, dams etc., on behalf of Public Organizations, private businesses and construction companies, and record the progress and development of their construction, during all its stages.

Aerial Video Recordings

Presentation of Movable and Immovable Property

Aerial high resolution takes of various altitudes can help us bring out real estate (buildings, plots, parcels) and other assets (cars, sailing or cruiser boats), in order to promote them, through real estate companies, in the real estate market and international trade fairs for sale or renting.

Our company occupies experienced specialists and features state-of-the-art systems for the capturing and processing of image and sound. It also has a drone operator license and undertakes aerial video and image recordings, legally and safely.



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